EVER system

Ever™ is an IP software for professional and mission-critical applications, an integrated voice solution for multi-channel/multi-access communication.

The solution is scalable to thousands of users, supports remote control wireless networking, PoC wireless calling, heterogeneous calling, multi-channel and conferencing, LDAP integration, SNMP traps, AES encryption, point-to-point QoS , CDR and video surveillance.

LTE MCX based MCPTT, MCVEDIO, MCDATA with new features are supported.

EVER system supports integrated radio operation such as MCPTT, TETRA, DMR, HF, VHF, UHF via various communication protocols.

The wired interface function embeds an IP-PBX Server to control various IP-PBX communications.

Support wire hotline, wire-to-wire communication, central office trunk line.

Intercom calls between operators, walkie-talkie calls, party lines, and intercom for working group calls are supported, so more convenient communication is supported.

The hardware of the dispatcher and RoIP gateway device is equipped with 4G and 5G LTE modems, so it can be used in a more convenient network environment.

The Ever system always secures and provides faster transmission and call routes by controlling the call route in standby mode.

Equipped with a data control function, it is equipped with logic that integrates and operates wireless IoT functions through remote location wireless network remote operation and environment monitoring functions to support a more convenient next-generation platform.

EVER Dispatcher

Multi-level secure communication

It is a Tactical VoIP communication solution designed to adapt to the active expansion of the Unified Command Center, implementing existing wireless networks and next-generation LTE calls as one integrated solution.

In particular, it integrates solutions that can be combined with military tactical systems by combining 4G/5G LTE networks based on PS LTE MCPTT, an international standard.

With its own IP-PBX, it provides a combined system that makes wired tactical systems more convenient to operate.

In particular, it is possible to combine and distribute various operating systems of large and small capacity equipped with a two-way multilateral simultaneous call and video conference system under the concept of data tactical call.

It is developed based on a Gooroom OS based on a domestic OS compared to other foreign products, and is developed as a pure independent technology with high security excellence, so it has excellent security.

It is equipped with its own KCMVP encryption module to implement packet encryption on all networks.

  • Providing foundation for multi-level security products

  • Enhanced Common Criteria EAL4 + Certified Linux-based

  • Enhanced with HSM (Highware Security Module) EAL5+ authentication and encrypted storage
  • Enhanced with TPM (Trusted Platform Module)-based Secure Boot

This is an AII-IP communication solution that integrates wireless network linkage within the EVER system, military special wireless linkage, and remote location control functions.

Low-band integrated control solution for defense networks, TICN networks and satellite networks

Especially, it supports IP-PBX function in EVER system, and is equipped with powerful soft-switching function that supports call answering, call switching, hold, mute, automatic conference call switching, intercom, paging, etc.

Maximum Concurrent Call (Max) 200 to 1000 with Gooroom OS-based IP PBX