EI380 communicator

Model EI380 FIXED RADIO (Communication terminal for construction)

  • It is a product designed to enable operators to make easy and fast calls as it is equipped with a wall-mounted LTE terminal function of a fixed terminal.

  • Handset call VoLTE call is designed to be easily used through its own MMI.

  • In particular, a button is provided to freely map MCPTT or VoLTE call through a quick button.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick button 6 auto setting function
  • Multi – Session 4Ch (All, emergency – All Call)
  • Multi – PDN support
  • Wired connection support
  • Wireless connection support – Equipped with LTE Modem
  • PA (broadcasting equipment) Interworking
  • MCPTT & VoLTE broadcasting function
  • MCPTT와 VoLTE call method : apply dual call method


Derivative model: This is a product with a renewed design in the form of a wall hanging.

  • Wired/wireless solution with wireless terminal and small dispatcher function equipped with voice/video/text transmission/reception function in conjunction with MCPTT server
  • Netsense function that automatically corrects video quality according to communication status and snapshot function that captures video screen
  • Storage function of cataloging tree structure for VoLTE Call function
  • Provides a more efficient small dispatcher function by complying with the 3GPP standard and supporting various interworking interfaces

  • Media engine with IMS / VoLTE / ViLTE SIP engine
  • Audio Auto Free Control: Automatic selection of handset, built-in microphone, and external stand microphone
  • Multi-channel simultaneous support video codec – H.265 hardware video support
  • 3GPP R.14 V2X support and free support up to R.15 in the future
  • Equipped with UHD filter (mounted with Wisol filter)
  • Covering high-grade LTE Cat.22 speed, CP CHIP with 7nm process
  • MCX-based solution support R.15 support
  • Hangeul and computers that require high security and a purely domestic OS made by the National Security Agency

  • AhnLab V3 or Securion OnTrust for Gooroom