About us


Hanswell Co., Ltd., a communication bridge that connects future technologies

Hanswell Co., Ltd. is committed to providing an innovative convergence communication solution portfolio to government agencies, public safety, transportation, public facilities, telecommunications operators, commercial organizations and other industries.

Product reliability

We test and deploy our products in harsh environments and harsh climates, and we offer a 3-year warranty

Quick customer response

All executives and staff members quickly propose a satisfactory solution to meet customer needs, and quickly build and provide them.

Connect and Expand

Interoperability and various module types are developed to ensure connectivity and scalability between all products.

Hanswell Inc has been operating its innovation-focused R&D center for more than 20 years and has invested more than 35% of its total revenue in research.

Hanswell Co., Ltd has built more than 300 professional wireless communication networks in Korea based on its rich practical experience in the field of MCX-based terminals, dispatchers, and communication control, and has provided specialized services especially in the defense industry.

In 2016, we prioritize investing in our core competencies in the field of disaster safety communication through new challenges as a key area of ​​focus.

Thank you for your interest in the future.

Seungcheon Han, CEO of Hanswell